Representing the ‘light of peace’ that emerged from the darkness of War.


What is the Lamp Light of Peace?

The "Lamp Light Of Peace" is a traditional Oil Lantern. Its Ruby Red colouring represents the ultimate sacrifice made by brave men and women across the globe.

The light from the flame will represent the ‘light of peace’ that emerged from the darkness of war.

The lamp provides a simple and safe way of taking part in this important 80th anniversary occasion.

We encourage participants to cherish their lamps and light them again at 11am on every Remembrance Sunday thereafter, in tribute to the many millions that sacrificed their lives during WWII.

How can I stay updated on event details and announcements?

Every participant purchasing a Lamp Light Of Peace will be added to our mailing list to receive updates and announcements surrounding the event.

Following your purchase you will receive a downloadable certificate acknowledging your participation in the event.

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